Keep all offices and locations connected with the same features under one phone system.

IP Genie’s premise-based VOIP solution offers features and applications that would cost you extra with traditional phone packages. These include conference calling, 3-way calling, voicemail to email and voice fax, and much, much more… 

The IP Genie Premised-based VOIP solution is ideal for any size organization — from municipalities, schools, libraries, to non-profits and businesses small and large

IP Genie VOIP Solutions Benefits and Features

  • Cost Efficiency — no system hardware purchase required; Replaces legacy telephone systems with state-of-the-art, Internet-based, phone solutions
  • Mobility — allows you to take your IP Genie telephone anywhere in the world, plug it into any Internet connection, and receive calls as if you were in your office
  • Flexibility — system and phone software can be easily programmed remotely or by a phone user
  • Remote Access — use the Internet to access your user portal to view messages and enable features such as forwarding and Do Not Disturb or use your mobile device to receive messages or alerts
  • Eliminate Obsolescence — scalable VoIP infrastructure makes it easy to add or delete components without having to change your entire system

We’ve assembled VOIP equipment to fit every need


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