IP Genie offers highly reliable VOIP solutions for Connecticut municipalities, schools, libraries, and non-profit and for-profit businesses of any size.

Highly reliable VOIP solutions with IP Genie Managed Services

  • Fully redundant, reliable and flexible Premise/Hosted VOIP solutions
  • Predictable technology with cost-effective billing to fit your budget
  • Keep up with ever-changing technology with FREE cloud upgrades
  • Easy and economical up or down scaling
  • Robust suite of features to maximize your organization’s functionality
  • Real world security solutions

IP Genie Offers Affordable, Flexible VOIP Solutions for Any Sized Public or Private Organization

IP Genie can pull it all together for you with expert service, including:

  • IP and Analog telephone system design, installation and maintenance
  • Carrier coordination/resolution
  • Communication workflow integration
  • Telecom relocation planning

See what IP Genie can do for you and make the switch to reliable, affordable VOIP today!