Fully Redundant and Reliable Premise Based/Hosted VOIP Solutions

In a globalized market, organizations are eager to deploy technologies that will streamline operations and maximize output. As organizations reach new heights, traditional communication systems struggle to keep up with the needs of its users.

In the last decade, VOIP has dominated the telephony market by providing optimized functionality and flexibility for a fraction of the cost. Despite the desire, some are understandably reluctant to transition to a new VOIP solution because they either lack the technical knowledge or capital resources.

IP Genie Managed Services provides your organization with a top-tier VOIP solution to fit your budget. IP Genie bundles the ‘best of the best’ hardware at an affordable monthly usage fee. IP Genie will help you find a technology package that best fits your organization.

See what IP Genie can do for you and make the switch to reliable, affordable VOIP.

Our Approach and Experience

IP Genie takes a flexible and economical approach to Managed Services deployments. We work with and guide your organization through the design, implementation, and maintenance stages of your solution. We eliminate migration problems by taking full responsibility for integrating vendors, all installation issues, and thoroughly testing all systems before cutover. Ongoing maintenance and system modifications are easily managed via our remote help desk ticketing system.

With the successful implementation of countless VOIP and technology initiatives, we have encountered and resolved many of the issues that can derail deployments. IP Genie is equipped to deal with the issues that typically cause projects to go over budget or have disappointing Returns on Investment (ROI’s).

Benefits of IP Genie

IP Genie’s Managed Services program has enabled clients to:

  • Save time and money
  • Reallocate project savings to other internal IT initiatives
  • Reduce the need for additional IT personnel
  • Upgrade telephony platforms to state-of-the-art systems with minimal up-front cost
  • Implement seamless up/down scaling as conditions change
  • if you are a CRCOG participant, you can utilize our CRCOG No-Bid contract program (learn more about our CRCOG No-Bid contract here)

Portfolio of Managed Services

Genie Intelligent Gateway

The Genie Intelligent Gateway is a complete solution that leverages cutting-edge telephony, messaging, networking, and conferencing applications. The Genie Intelligent Gateway creates a robust communications system that maximizes functionality and minimizes cost. Genie’s Gateway enables the delivery of voice and data over one network and incorporates all the features and functions that your organization needs without significant up-front cost.

Broadband Internet Transport and Local/Long Distance Bundle

If you do not already have one, IP Genie could provide broadband connections through partnerships with leading service providers. Leveraging a dynamic bandwidth allocation allows your organization to have full voice, data, and Internet services while eliminating costly business co-lines and reducing network charges.

Audio/Video HD Conferencing

IP Genie’s portfolio of Managed Services provides high definition, simple-to-use, audio and video conferencing. IP-Genie provides a complete conferencing solution that is specifically tailored for your organization. Wherever your organization needs may reside around the world, IP Genie can help you reach them with clarity, ease, and reliability.

Unified Communications

The Genie Intelligent Gateway enables your organization to utilize various methods of interfacing with clients by seamlessly integrating a variety of features. Whether you are managing messages or real-time communications, The Genie Intelligent Gateway leverages the functions your organization needs. The Genie Intelligent Gateway uses a diversified suite of features that greatly enhance your organization’s functionality without breaking the bank.