Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Keep your business up and running when the unexpected occurs

IP Genie understands how critical communication is to your business. That’s why we offer affordable disaster recovery solutions to preserve your communications ability.


Automatic Distribution and Rerouting of Calls

If your location fails to receive calls, we offer automated rerouting of calls between geographically diverse sites connected to our vast network, or to a designated off-site number, such as a cell phone or land line.

This allows you to maintain receipt of inbound calls in the event of power, system or circuit failure.


Fail-over Hosted PBXBackup System

Our hosted PBX solution is the perfect back-up for your existing system. If your PBX (either premise-based or hosted) fails, or your lose connectivity to your system, our hosted PBX will deliver calls via an alternate route, if necessary.

To save you money, our hosted PBX service is charged on a meter rate.

Emergency Hosted PBX for Remote Continuity

This is the best line of defense in the event you lose your ability to work from your existing location due to fire, storm, power outage, or other disasters. Simply send your employees to a remote location to work from our hosted PBX with a computer/softphone/cell phone or headset and Internet connectivity.

This enables you to resume critical functions within minutes at any temporary location.


Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Be prepared.

Stay in touch with your customers and partners should the unexpected occur. Contact IP Genie about continuity and disaster recovery (BDCR) services.

Analog Line Replacement with SIP Voice Over IP

Works with virtually every telephone system allowing you to retain all existing phone numbers — including toll-free!

Convert SIP to analog for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with an analog telephone adapter. Ideal for legacy key systems, Centrex replacement and other single- or multi-line applications.

Robust Features

Advanced Voicemail – Retrieve messages by phone, Internet or Email. Get easy, complete account access from anyInternet connection.

Seamless Call Forwarding – Forward incoming calls to any phone in the USA orCanada. Calls are transferred immediately — in real time — so the caller never knows the call has been forwarded.

Call Return – Last incoming call is automatically returned.

Call Transfer – Transfer a call to any phone such as home phone, cell phone or office phone anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Call waiting – Accept an incoming call while already on a call. First call is placed on hold while the second incoming call is answered.

3-Way/Multi-line Conference Calling – Easily connect with multiple parties simultaneously. Multi-line calling costs the same as making individual calls.


Conference in any number — national or international.

e911 – By pressing 9-1-1 with a digital phone, 911 will know the location no matter where you are. Turn on and off at will for privacy and discretion.

ID Privacy – Ability to block your identity when making a call. Activate ID Block on a per-call basis when making an outgoing call.

International Call Blocking – Ability to block or unblock international calling.

Repeat Dialing – Busy number? This feature calls back when the number you’re trying is no longer busy.

Speed Dial – Access eight, quick-speed dials by pressing a single button (2-9). Up to 100 speed dials using *75 plus two digits (00-99).

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Solutions designed with multiple levels of redundancy, automatic fail over, and more.



Auto Call Overflow – Handle call overflow and queue calls with customer-provided announcement. When trunk becomes available, caller is immediately connected.

Message/Music-on-Hold – Custom voice announcements or download music selections. Ability to change choice and order of music or messages on hold.