IP Genie Mobility Solutions

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Whether it’s a Power Failure due to a major storm, the COVID-19 Pandemic or any other reason that would cause you to work remotely, rest assured IP Genie has many convenient Remote Feature Options you can readily activate on a Genie Hosted VOIP Telephone System.


Find Me/Follow Me

This feature allows telephone users to control the disbursement of incoming calls to another phone or multiple phones simultaneously when their desk phone rings. The incoming caller’s ID shows on the alternate device so you know who is calling. If you choose not to take the call it will return to your desk phone to accept a Voice Mail message.

Voicemail to Email

All Voice Mail messages left on your desk phone will be emailed to your alternate/cell phone in the form of a Voice Message. If there is no power to your building, your Genie Hosted PBX will still answer your extension. Voice Mail messages will be emailed to your alternate device. Therefore, NO LOST CALLS.

Take Your Phone Home

Your Genie IP Telephone has it’s own IP Address and, therefore, can be reached not only while on your desk but anywhere you take it that has Internet Access. Simply plug your phone into the Internet Router, your phone will automatically activate and receive all calls that are being sent to your extension.

Have a Second Phone at Home

You can have a second IP Phone at home with the same extension as your desk phone. Both phones will ring simultaneously so you can work from the office one day and from home the next without any business interruption.

Genie Web Portal

Your Genie Web Portal allows you — or an administrator — to access your Genie Hosted PBX in our Data Center and activate many of the features and functions of your phone and system including Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, Call History, Voicemail and Conferencing, etc. (Call our Genie Help Desk for assistance)

Genie Unified Communications

Our recently introduced Genie Unified Communications App will now allow you to set up Audio Conference Calls for up to 1,000 participants and Video Conferencing with Collaboration, Desk Sharing and White Boarding for up to 25 participants. (Additional charges may apply)

Web Browser Phone/Software

This Web-based user interface allows you to make and receive telephone calls on your computer using your current internet browser. There’s no software needed to install and you can use your preferred audio device for the calls. (Call our Genie Help Desk for assistance)

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