With its extensive range of features, lower cost, and higher quality calls, Libraries are switching from traditional telephone systems to VOIP.

Across the world, libraries are being increasingly recognized as a resource for multi-function use. From meeting spaces to disaster checkpoints, the role that libraries play in communities is rapidly expanding. As more people depend on libraries and their resources, management needs to focus on implementing a communications system that increases reliability and functionality but minimize budgetary impacts.

IP Genie works to specifically tailor solutions for libraries.

The one-size-fits-all approach may work in the clothing industry but it certainly does not work with telephone systems. IP Genie has identified the unique needs in libraries that may not be as prevalent in other organizations.

IP Genie Managed Services provides any sized library with a top-tier VOIP solution to fit any budget.

IP Genie bundles the ‘best of the best’ hardware and network resources for a cost-effective, long-term technology solution at an affordable monthly usage fee. IP Genie will help your library find a technology package that best fits your organization.

IP Genie VOIP Solutions Offer…

  • Cost Efficiency – Minimal hardware purchase required; Replaces legacy telephone systems with state-of-the-art hosted/premise VOIP solution over the private CEN network. Your phones never touch the public Internet.
  • Mobility – Allows you to take your IP Genie telephone anywhere in the world, plug it into any Internet connection, and receive calls as if you were in your office.
  • Flexibility – System and phone software can be easily programmed remotely or by a phone user.
  • Remote Access – Use the Internet to access your user portal to view messages and enable features such as forwarding and Do Not Disturb, or use your mobile device to receive messages or alerts.
  • Eliminate Obsolescence – Scalable VOIP infrastructure makes it easy to add or delete components without having to change your entire system.

Is Your Library Connected to the Connecticut Educational Network (CEN)?

Through a unique no-bid/no-RFP offer, municipalities, schools and libraries can use their CEN connection for robust and secure VOIP.

Capitol Region Council of Governors (CRCOG) is proud to partner, through a competitive bid process, with Connecticut-based Genie Innovations, Inc. (IP Genie) to offer VOIP telephone solutions to organizations connected to the Connecticut Education Network (CEN) without requiring a bid or RFP.

  • Save resources: No RFP means you have more time to devote to other tasks.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Budget: IP Genie offers special pricing through its no-bid contract with CRCOG.

And, you get highly secure delivery over the private CEN Network since IP Genie VOIP never touches the public Internet.

Take advantage of the CRCOG no-bid/no RFP VOIP Solutions.
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