IP Genie Premised-Based and Hosted VOIP Communications Features



Administrator Control

Set multiple Administrators on the PBX and set custom permissions for each.

Automated Attendants – Unlimited

Auto Attendants allow you to direct your customers to various parts of your organizations through easy to use push button or voice menus. You can have different menus for different times of the day, such as open hours or closed hours.


See who is calling directly on your phone or via software client.

Call Flow Control

Call Flow Control makes it easy to take control of your automated attendant greeting hours. Need to open early or stay late? Simply press a button to keep calls flowing in. Need to leave early? Press the Call Flow Control Toggle on your phone and route all calls to your closed greeting or voicemail.

Call Forward

Easily manage call forwarding from the phone, from the user portal, or with the magic button.

Call Pickup

With call pickup you can easily answer phones other than your own.

Call Recording

Automatically or on demand record calls based on your needs. Get as specific as you want.

Call Waiting

Handle multiple calls at the same time with call waiting.

Company Name Directory

Empowers you to find people in your organization easily and connect directly to their extension.

Conference Bridge

Allows a group of people to participate in a call. Conference Bridges are known as virtual meeting rooms that allow callers to dial a number or be transferred to a call.

DID Support

(Direct Inward Dial) numbers can be utilized to give employees dedicated inbound phone numbers without the cost of having dedicated lines.

Do Not Disturb – DND

DND prevents calls from ringing at the telephone. Normal practice is to send calls to voicemail when not answered.

E911 Hotline

When a caller dials 911 they are automatically connected to virtual conference that various extensions are automatically dropped into it as well. The extension number of the caller is displayed. Administration can take control of the call to eliminate false reporting.

Feature Code Control

You can change feature codes to meet your needs.


Allows you to simultaneously ring desk extensions, cell phones, and other phones. Imagine the freedom of being able to accept phone calls anywhere and everywhere.

Hot Desking

Share phones between multiple users, each having their own extension. The Hot Desking goes as far as moving button layout! This is great for shared desks / shifts.

Music On Hold

Play music on hold to callers. Optionally, use different classes of music on hold depending on which number a caller dialed.

Paging and Intercom

Support for group paging through your telephone handsets or integration through your overhead paging system. Two-Way intercom between phones.


Park calls in a “Parking Lot” and then pick them up from any other phone.

Softphone and Telecommuter


With the PBX you can have a phone directly on your computer. With a simple computer headset you can make and receive calls as if you had a handset phone on your desk. Eliminate the cost of phones for users at their desk during office hours.

Time-Based Call Routing

Utilize pre-set hours to change the way inbound calls are handled. For example, during business hours route calls to an automated attendant, after hours route calls to another number, voicemail or customer destination.

Usage Reports

Administrators and Users can view call detail reports.

User Portal

All users have the ability to view call history, voice mail messages, and administer phone features via an easy to user interface.

Virtual Extensions

Does not require a registered physical phone. Calls normally go to email but can be directed to email or alternative destinations.

Voicemail Blasting

Send a mass voicemail to multiple users on the PBX at the same time with Voicemail blasting. Quickly leave updates, memos or any other information in many voicemail boxes at the same time.

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemail messages in your email and play them over your computer speakers.

Optional Services – Fees Apply

Auto Dialer

Allows user to load a list of numbers and names with a prerecorded message and begin calling.

Fax Bridge

Send and receive from a physical fax, electronic fax via email, or via a fax portal.

IP Genie Notification or Appointment Reminder

The Appointment Reminder module is a unique way to automate appointment/meeting confirmations, cancellations and reschedules. By simply specifying numbers and names to be called the system will automatically call at specified times and allow recipients to confirm / cancel / reschedule appointments. Could be used for staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings, or absence notifications.

Operator Softconsole

Gives key people an on-screen view of your organization and allow them to see who is available, transfer calls to extensions, transfer calls to cell phones, monitor live calls, and record calls on the fly for quality assurance. Additional features include built in chat, visual voicemail, and custom directory views.

Queue Additions

Additional workgroup/ACD queue(s). (One included with Plan 1 base system)