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IP Genie Reduces VOIP Maintenance Costs for Simsbury Public Library

Simsbury Public Library


When it comes to technology, the Town of Simsbury and Simsbury Public Library administrators are very forward thinking. The town invested in fiberoptic cable, which added lightning speed Internet connectivity to its municipality. And in 2010, the library installed a VOIP telephone system, which served them well for many years. But maintenance costs increased as time went on, adversely impacting the library’s budget.

Simsbury Public Library needed to replace its older system with one that didn’t require expensive maintenance costs — and without giving up any VOIP features.


Genie Innovations, Inc. (IP Genie) worked with Town of Simsbury IT Manager Rick Bazzano to discuss the library’s requirements. IP Genie designed and installed a state-of-the-art Genie Hosted VOIP solution, which eliminated additional maintenance costs and took advantage of the town’s high-speed fiberoptic connection via the Connecticut Education Network (CEN).

Bazzano added, “Our library is a very important part of our Town’s infrastructure and a center of community programs and services. It is a forward facing “customer service center” that demands telephony services and features that can be easily managed and priced appropriately. IP Genie’s Hosted VOIP system provided us with lower initiation costs as well as an attractive monthly recurring charge that encompassed all the services and support we needed.”


IP Genie met one of the library’s top priorities of reducing maintenance expenses since IP Genie’s monthly fee includes maintenance at no additional cost. With a scalable and secure hosted solution, the library will never experience the dilemma of owning outdated equipment.

The IP Genie system:

    • Added convenience and productivity features including 911 support services, Caller ID, Voicemail to Email, Conferencing, an easy Greeting Change mode, and building-to-building paging capabilities
    • Improved call quality with high-definition voice telephone calls
    • Significantly reduced ongoing vendor expenses with self administration of a Genie Hosted PBX for easy in-house “adds, moves and changes”
    • Reduced long-distance dialing costs
    • Provided failover protection in the event of power outages